Logistics is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions and harmful environmental impacts. As CouchHaus grows, our success has the potential to add to the problem. That doesn’t sit well with us, so we’re doing something about it.

Electrifying the last mile. We partnered withGoBolt, who are laser-focused on electrifying their entire fleet. By the end of 2022, their electric fleet will be 170 vehicles supported by 199 level II chargers. And that’s just the beginning.

Offsetting carbon emissions. We’ve partnered with EcoCart to help offset emissions where complete delivery in an EV is not possible. EcoCart offsets emissions by funding renewable energy, forestry, or clean water projects. These projects reduce emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases in order to compensate for any emissions made by GoBolt.

Leveraging technology. GoBolt's in-house technology routing system ensures our last-mile drivers take the most efficient route for deliveries to cut down on fuel consumption and emissions.