About Us

About Us

CouchHaus is a direct-to-consumer furniture company based in Vancouver, Canada. Say goodbye to traditional markups and hello to mid-century modern furniture at affordable prices. That's CouchHaus.

Our couches are made-to-order by our own factory and are available exclusively online, so we can offer you custom furniture at an affordable price-point.

Designed in Canada. Made In China.


Our Story

"When it came time to furnish for our home - I looked everywhere. From vintage pieces to European design. I considered considered second-hand, the infamous starter furniture from Ikea to furniture celebrities were buying. The one thing I was firm on was quality and design."

One dinner, I was telling my parents my furniture finds (or lack of). It was then that I was asked 'Why not just make it yourself?' 

I paused.

My family has been in the hotel industry for over 20 years. So naturally, we have been in touch with furniture manufactures. I connected with these manufacturers and shared my inspirations and dimensions. It was one of the most exciting things I had done in the past year - designing my own furniture!

I want to share this joy and new passion of mine with others who are looking to create their dream couch.

Let's build! Fill out this form to design your dream couch.

- Paige Sandher, Co-Founder