Pay With Affirm


How It Works:

  • Canadian Resident
  • Canadian bank account or Visa/Mastercard credit or debit card
  • Age of majority (18 or 19 depending on your province)


To use this service:

  • Click the image above and "Prequalify"
  • Add items to your bag and checkout as normal
  • Select Affirm as your preferred method of payment
  • Enter your details with Affirm and Voila!
  • Your payment schedule will be emailed to you


Other things to note:

  • If you return an item, your payment plan will be cancelled and you will be refunded and any payments you have already made.
  • If you fail to make a payment, you will be charged a late payment fee of $10.


What methods of payment does Affirm accept?

The methods of payment available to make your automatic Affirm payments are determined by the retailer, and may vary depending on the payment plan selected. 

Affirm's accepted payment methods are:

  • Visa Debit/MasterCard Debit
  • Visa Credit
  • Mastercard
  • EFT (Void Cheque or Pre-Authorized Debit form)


Affirm does not accept:

  • E-Transfers
  • Capital One Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Pre-paid Credit Card
  • Online Bill Payment
  • AMEX
  • Cheques in the mail


When are payments due?

For Equal Monthly Payment Plans, your first payment is typically due one month after you complete your transaction, and will continue to be debited automatically on the same day of each month for the rest of the term. To view your payment schedule for a monthly payment plan, log into your Affirm account and click View Payment Schedule.


Automatic payment withdrawals

Your payments will be set up as convenient pre-authorized debits from your chequing account. In some cases, you can also set up automatic payments from your Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card. This means you don’t have to worry about setting reminders and being charged sneaky late fees!


Can I make an extra payment?

Absolutely! Affirm payment plans are repayable in full at any time, with no penalty. Every penny from your extra payment goes directly toward the principal balance. This means that you'll pay less interest overall (if applicable) and can pay off your balance early.

Extra payments won't lower the amount of your monthly payments, but they can reduce the term of your payment plan, the amount of your final payment, or both.

To schedule extra payments or a full balance payoff, please log into your Affirm Portal and select the payment plan you want to pay off. You will have the option to either make a partial prepayment or pay off your payment plan in full.

Please note: you won't be able to make an extra payment until your first scheduled payment has cleared.