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The Crafting Process: How We Make Our Seat Cushions at CouchHaus

The Crafting Process: How We Make Our Seat Cushions at CouchHaus

At CouchHaus, we take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our furniture. In this blog post, we'll delve into the process of how we make our seat cushions and the high-quality foam we use to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

First, let's talk about the foam. We use high-density polyurethane foam for our seat cushions because it provides the perfect balance of support and comfort. This type of foam has a consistent cell structure that doesn't break down over time, so your seat cushion will retain its shape and support for years to come.

To make the seat cushion, we start with a sheet of high-density foam and cut it to size using a precise cutting machine. We then shape the foam to the desired contours of the seat, taking into account factors such as weight distribution and body shape.

Next, we add a layer of soft foam on top of the high-density foam to provide an extra layer of comfort. This layer is carefully cut and shaped to fit the contours of the seat, and it's secured in place using a special adhesive. The foam is placed in the middle of the seat cushion.

The foam of the cushion is wrapped by two compartments of filling. This is where the couch gets its comfort from. By default, the Standard Fill contains a 50/50 mixture of both PolyFil and feathers. For our premium option, Feather Fill, a 30/70 down-feather mix is used.

After the foam and fill layers are in place, we cover the seat cushion with a layer of high-quality fabric. Our fabric is specially chosen for its durability, resistance to stains and wear, and overall comfort. We take great care to ensure that the fabric is tightly and evenly stretched over the cushion, so it looks great and feels even better.

Finally, we sew the fabric in place using a high-strength thread and attach the seat cushion to the frame of the furniture using sturdy staples. This ensures that the cushion stays securely in place and can withstand the rigors of everyday use.

At CouchHaus, we believe that attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials are key to creating furniture that is both beautiful and comfortable. That's why we take the time and effort to carefully craft each and every seat cushion by hand. We hope you'll love the result as much as we do!

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