101: Modular Furniture

101: Modular Furniture

You've probably seen your fair share of modular furniture on social media, in online ads, and even in your friends’ living rooms. You've also probably seen it at all different price points and in different styles and configurations. But what is modular furniture, and why is it so popular?

Modular furniture is an emerging trend that is changing the way homeowners think about designing their interior spaces. With modular furniture, you can customize your space and make it your own in a unique way. It also gives you the ability to change things up easily when you want something new or different. Let’s take a closer look at this form of custom furniture and why you might want to consider modular seating for your home.


The Basics

Modular furniture is defined as a collection of interchangeable pieces that can be combined in a variety of ways so that you can customize your furniture to fit your space.  This kind of design allows for unlimited possibilities for comfort, style, and safety because the pieces of furniture can be used in so many unique ways.
Modular, made-to-order systems are available in a variety of styles to suit every design taste. CouchHaus’ handmade modular couches are affordable and versatile, with plenty of seating options and fully customizable fabrics. Whether you’re in the Vancouver area or across North America, we can help you find the right modular system to meet your needs.

Furniture Size Guide

It’s easy to configure your CouchHaus custom couch however you like. While we offer a number of standard sizes and configuration options, we also allow you to fully customize dimensions to fit your home setting perfectly. The process from start to finish includes the following:
  • You customize the seat depth. The seat depth is the length of the cushion from front to back. We offer Petite (30 | 36"), Classic (34 | 40"), and Luxe (38 | 45") depths, so you can select the depth that works for you.
  • You choose the number of seats. Whether you want a loveseat, a condo size three seater + ottoman, an six-seater sofa pit, or a nine-seater, U-shaped sectional, we can accommodate your needs. 
  • You configure the couch design. Choose from right-facing or left-facing pieces to configure your couch for your space.
  • You confirm fabric colour and style. Once you’ve decided on the size and configuration of your made-to-order couch, it's time to add some flair. Choose from our wide selection of fabrics and colours. 

The Benefits of Modular Furniture

Once you purchase modular furniture, you’ll likely never buy furniture any other way. Here are just some of the benefits of affordable, custom couches you might want to know.
  1. Modular furniture is highly customizable - modular seating enables you to easily fit your couch and other pieces into your existing space or a new space. With made-to-order couches, you’re able to choose the colours and fabrics that match your desired look. You can also switch up the seating arrangement whenever you feel like making a change.
  2. Modular furniture is multipurpose - Modular furniture is customizable to fit your space and needs by adding or removing pieces from the set. These pieces will all match, so it’s easy to create a cohesive look throughout your home. Refresh your space without buying a whole new couch!
  3. Modular furniture has multiple interior functions - Modular furniture is a great option for people who want to re-create their space as it needs to. You can use it to create a room that is comfortable and functional, beautiful and luxurious, or any combination of these qualities. The flexibility of modular furniture allows you to have a couch during the day or a movie pit by night.
  4. Modular furniture is easy to order - CouchHaus makes it easier than ever to order your modular couch. Our online couch builder lets you specify the dimensions, colour, and fabric you want for your made-to-order couch. Simply customize your sofa with your desired features, get instant pricing, place your order, and arrange for delivery in the Vancouver area or shipping within Canada or the United States (some restrictions apply). For our complete shipping guidelines, click here.
  5. Modular furniture is easy to maintain - Everything is removable and washable. We use high-quality materials that won't soil or stain easily when you follow our simple care guidelines. With pre-treatment, cushion flipping, and basic cleaning and maintenance, you can protect your investment and keep your custom couch looking good as new for many years to come.
  6. You’ll save money with modular furniture - Modular furniture is a great way to make your living space more functional and flexible. It allows you to make changes by simply adding or removing pieces as needed, without having to buy an entirely new couch. This can be especially helpful when your family grows or if you want to accommodate visitors. 
If you move to a new home, you can also easily change the layout of your modular couch, take away or add pieces, and make your custom couch fit beautifully into your new space. Considering the expenses associated with most moves, you’ll be grateful not to have to replace your couch to fit into your new home — giving you a great return on your investment.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Modular Furniture

As you consider whether to add a made-to-order couch to your furniture collection, there are a few questions you may wish to ask yourself:
  • How many seats will I need? Obviously, you will want to account for the current number of people in your family and any furry companions you plan to allow on your couch. However, don’t forget to consider whether you plan to grow your family or invite over regular visitors. Check out the Size Guide here: https://bit.ly/comfy-size-guide
  • How much space do I have? Many people would love a nine-seater sectional, but not everyone has the space for it. Measure your space so you can be sure to get the right size and number of pieces for your custom couch.
  • Will I be adding in any other seating, tables, rugs, throw pillows, floor pillows, or other furniture and accessories? Consider drawing a sketch of your space to position items where you want them to go. Again, measure everything so you can be sure everything will fit. Or, ask for help from an interior designer.
  • Do I want to pick out my custom couch online, or would I rather visit a showroom? If you’re in the Vancouver area, you can book a showroom visit to see our couches in person. Note that you can also request free swatches from CouchHaus, and we’ll ship them to you within two to three days.
  • Am I comfortable picking out my custom couch by myself, or could I benefit from expert design services? While picking out a CouchHaus couch is simple, it’s also nice to get an expert’s take on design. We offer free design and space-planning services to help you bring your vision to life. Simply book a virtual consultation or chat with us online, and we’ll be happy to work with you on your project. We’ll account for your space, your challenges, your lifestyle needs, and other factors to make sure your new made-to-order couch is a perfect fit in your home.
  • How long does it take to order and build a new couch? For CouchHaus custom couches, you can expect a lead time of 12 to 16 weeks, excluding weekends and holidays. If you need your couch sooner, consider our in-stock and Quick Ship options, which have a shorter lead time.
  • What are the store policies? It’s important to understand a store’s warranty and refund policies before buying a custom couch. Here at CouchHaus, we want you to be thrilled with your purchase and will work with you to address any issues with your order. Reach out to hello@couchhaus.com for assistance. Note that certain items are non-refundable; review our complete policies here.
Modular furniture is a great option for anyone looking to add style, personality, and versatility to their home. Whether in a new house or an old one, it’s easy to integrate modular pieces into any space and continually freshen up the look. You can customize your couch based on your personal tastes and needs, so there’s no need to compromise when picking out your investment. To learn more about CouchHaus modular furniture, visit our website or contact us.

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